Richcholas is a pioneer technology company in trichy, india , India which excels in providing low cost and quality apps development, Ecommerce apps , mobile apps develop in android & ios, in future develop target drone applications develop, arm robotics develop, artificial intelligence devlop services.

The target of Richcholas is saving the valuable time of customer’s .we work hard aiming to save your time and that is our ultimate motto. In this world of technology, Richcholas provides you safe, easy access reduce of burden through software applications.

Richcholas is completely giving its concentration on welfare of the customers. Always we aim and focus on the development of our country and progress.Richcholas has a strategy of working and accessing of business techniques that is entirely different from other companies. These tactics makes the company more efficient in progress.

Richcholas fulfils today and tomorrow’s needs of common people.Richcholas offers technology to people by completely understanding their mind .Also it offers them the technology with considerable price, validity, standards and less maintenance.

We know that only machines are capable of reducing our work load and time consumption .so, our Projects also reflect our goals. Richcholas knows the importance of economical can feel it by using our technology.

The technologies offered by Richcholas will be very use full for real time applications and day to day activities that is happening around us. In spite of aiming for the customer’s goodness in our every step, the business development is running on a constant basis.

Richcholas treats the customers in friendly manner, such that more of them feel good. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate aim and we are gaining profit through customer’s faith. We take care of each and every customers and fulfilling their exact needs. Thus customers benefits through our technology.

Richcholas is interested in the safety purpose of the customers, so we are doing more work under bringing the safety measures through our technology.

  • Digital Advertising
  • Services Apps
  • Ecommerce Apps
  • Software Development
  • Artificial Intelligence Development

We Help Clients

Optimize Inventories

Improve Business Performance

Increase Sales

Gain Better Control of Business Landscape

Understand Clients’ Needs

We study each and every customer‘s requirements carefully to understand the client’s needs and objectives for delivering a reliable and efficient solution. We demonstrate all the available options to our clients and thus our competent advice guides them in making informed business decisions on time.

Partner with Clients

We are committed to making our trusted partnership with our clients' on long-term. Our priority not only ends with providing professional services and solutions, but also to become a true technology partner, dedicated to meet the growing business needs of the client today as well as tomorrow.

Earn Clients’ Trust and Confidence

Our ultimate aim is to earn our customers' trust and confidence through our personal attitude, passion towards the work and our commitment for a long-lasting relationship. We thrive hard to any extreme in delivering a measurable business value to our client’s and help them to adopt and succeed.